Software Feature Descriptions
Our solution is based upon two basic components
1) Web hosting service with full ecommerce features,
2) The Desktop software, MyZone Back Office, is used to manage the start-to-finish workflow.


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Some of the web hosting feature include the following:

  • You control what is online and for how long.
  • Post hundreds of photos in a single click with the Batch Loading option.
  • Upload images/products to your web site without having to resize them.
  • Compatible with Windows operating system.
  • Unlimited content changes, update your images/text as fequently as you may need.
  • Automatic Image Resizing when photos are added to the library.
  • Unlimited MZBO upgrades.
  • Thumbnail grid View.
  • Custom watermark before uploading product catalog.
  • Continue with the list of additional software features noted below...


    All of the features below are available regardless of the web hosting package selected. The software must have access to the Internet send and receive information. The web site and the software share the same data in real time.

    Login/Account Creation
  • User account/password same as web account
  • Easily create account and basic ecommerce site with click of a single button
  • Setup/Configuration
  • Select library and staging folders for photo image files
  • Select 3rd party software for zip file, photo editor, PDF creator, printers, and more
  • Configure email account settings (userid, password, port, authentication, etc.)
  • Configure ecommerce settings (support email, sales tax, mailing address, etc.)
  • Order Processing
  • View and process customer orders as soon as they are placed on the web site
  • Change/update order totals
  • Send emails to customer as orders go through each stage of fulfillment
  • Copy photo files on order to staging folder for editing and upload to photo lab
  • Create and upload ZIP file for digital images
  • Print packing slip based on photos ordered
  • Print envelops with customer address per order
  • Customers can check status of their order anytime using the order id on the web site
  • Photos are shipped to customer by preferred method (U.S. Postal Service, UPS, DHS, etc.)

    Photo Library
  • Add unlimited photos to library from camera or folder and assign SKU# in one step
  • Create unlimited photo galleries on local computer
  • Select from one of three sizes when creating thumbnail and small web images
  • Photos can be from multiple photographers
  • Preview and delete single images and/or entire galleries
  • Apply pre-determined watermark text, font color, font size based upon the photo’s orientation and image size
  • Supports PNG, JPG/JPEG, BMP, GIF, CR2, DNG
  • Each photo will be displayed in single gallery
  • Bulk upload photos to web site
  • Photographer List
  • The system allows for one or more photographers
  • Photographer ID used when generating SKU# for photos
  • Email Communication
  • Create, send, delete messages based upon templates
  • Modify email templates to create custom email messages:     Packing slip
        Payment pending
        Payment received
        Processing Started
        Download Available
        Package shipped
        Delivery confirmation
        Total adjustment
        Order has been declined
        Instant email

    Product Catalog
  • Photos uploaded by gallery
  • Easily create and upload PDF brochure from thumbnails in the gallery
  • Assign a price or use price options by gallery
  • Provide custom description or comments for each gallery
  • Enable/disable web galleries from customer viewing
  • Update price, brochure, sales tax, etc. on the web site without uploading images
  • The photo gallery list is automatically updated on the web site as new galleries are uploaded.
  • Reporting
  • Create Sales related reports
  •     Sales Summary
        Order Summary
        Daily Sales Summary
        Payment Method for New Orders
        Credit Card Not Deleted
        Sales by Gallery (with options)
        Reports generated by date range and/or gallery selection
  • Create Photo related reports
  •     Photo Gallery Brochure
        Photo Print Count – report to provide audit for orders sent to photo lab
  • Create other reports
  •     Customer Download Files Not Deleted

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